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  • Familiarize you with documents related to the purchase (see accompanying documents):

  • Facilitate in the process of obtaining preliminary loan approval

  • Help you develop the parameters of your search

  • Save your criteria within my Realtor computer network for initial search & subsequent update

  • Supply you with information on available properties via e-mail

  • Develop an itinerary to inspect selected properties

  • Make appointments

  • Provide access

  • Give insight into each property’s condition, features & neighborhood

  • Prepare documents

  • Negotiate offer

  • Arrange/Attend home inspection

  • Address contingencies

  • Track loan processing

  • Deliver documents

  • Track settlement processing

  • Facilitate the transfer of utility accounts

  • Determine a convenient settlement date

  • Arrange a walk-thru inspection within 48 hours of settlement

  • Attend settlement



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