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  • Familiarize you with the documents related to the sale (see accompanying documents):
  • Inspect the house and make cost-effective recommendations
  • Determine the market value by inspecting competing active listings and reviewing the terms of recent sales
  • Facilitate the owner in arranging for any repairs or improvements to the property deemed cost-effective
  • Place a sign and lockbox on the property
  • Compile information packets that detail highlights of the house and surrounding community
  • Complete a quality entry into the Realtorsí computer network
    (followed by entry into & placement on my web site)
  • Write advertisements for The Washington Post at least twice a month
  • Show property to the general public
  • Interact with other Realtors
  • Evaluate purchase offers and financing scenarios
  • Arrange for delivery of documents
  • Evaluate the home inspection report
  • Arrange for any repairs that the seller agrees to make following the home inspection
  • Track the loan processing
  • Meet the appraiser and provide information on comparable recent sales to support the contract price
  • Arrange for a termite inspection
  • Track the settlement processing
  • Arrange a settlement date
  • Assure a smooth transfer of utility accounts
  • Arrange a walk-thru inspection within 48 hours of settlement
  • Provide oversight at settlement






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