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  • Familiarize you with the documents related to the leasing & management of residential properties (see accompanying forms):
  • Inspect the property and make cost effective recommendations for improvements.
  • Determine the market value by searching the Realtor computer database & The Washington Post.
  • Complete a quality entry into the Realtor database.
  • Place a sign & lockbox on the property.
  • Show the property to prospective tenants.
  • Interact with Realtors.
  • Advertise the property in The Washington Post, answer calls & make appointments to inspect (additional charge).
  • Evaluate prospective tenants by perusing the application, verifying references & ordering a credit report.
  • Negotiate terms, collect funds & draft the Deed of Lease.
  • Management of the property (a separate service) is available:
  • Collect rental payments
  • Disperse funds (mortgage & community payments - additional charge).
  • Provide a monthly accounting & end-of-year 1099 tax form.
  • Coordinate repairs/payments.
  • Oversee tenant compliance with lease terms.
  • Make final inspection & arrange for dispersal of security deposit.






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